Meek or Geek..which are you…???

They say in the bible the Meek shall inherit the earth..I am thinking they meant the Geeks…now don’t jump all over me..just a small joke. We just finished talking to a person that is helping us upgrade GCnews website. I would like to have one fourth the knowledge of a computer Geek. I would be so all over my computer and changing up things…but alias I don’t. So hopefully before long we will have a user friendly, beefed up site. We are growing but not without growing pains. So bear with us along the way. This website started out as a dream for my hubby some 12 years ago…so hopefully it becomes a dream and not a nightmare….lol

We had the Grandkids for a couple of days, they never cease to amaze me. Is it me or are kids so much smarter these days. Ava James, age 5 is the drama queen of the two and smart as a whip. Logan is 7 and is almost as tall as me and also smart. But they should be, they ask question in every breath. At one point I think I ran out of answers… Logan was setting in the back seat ripping packing off a new small grain truck that he was so excited about. He then said..”You know what I don’t like about the packing stuff?” Of course I thought quickly to how difficult it was to get anything out of packing these days. But to my amazement this 7 year old…said…” I hate the fact that most of this packing stuff is not recyclable”. Out of the mouths of babes…  So hopefully his generation will head this earth is a better direction than other before us and us ourselves. I am amazed how much trash is thrown out the car windows still today. I wished the County Board would look into the option of having recycling stations in each village to help with issues. Maybe that might be a new adventure for me to look into…but would people take advantage of this…??? Let me know.

I have been meaning to post this, but kept forgetting so here goes…A few weeks back in Church, Dave Casey was the Lector for the service and to be honest I was a little skeptical on that choice…but he did a really good job, even with the big words. But I just knew when he was finished he was going to whip out his cell phone and state…”now this reminds me of a joke” and want us all to read it. But he didn’t and I was even more impressed.  I also heard he has a really nice cat house in Omaha, you might want to ask him about that. He has a very patience wife…….

Miss Bella…does not enjoy fireworks..We know this, it happens for about a week in July. Kind of like Japanese know it is coming, but you can’t do anything about them…you just deal with them as that time comes. So for about 3 evenings last week, we had a 90 lb running, barking, panting dog. I suppose she thinks she needs to protect us from the noise. About the only thing that worked somewhat was shutting her in the garage, windows closed with a fan running full blast to cover some of the noise. But we all survive and the Japanese beetles are still here………at least the fireworks go away after a few days.

So let me know about what you think about the recycling idea…would you take advantage of this?  If you can’t decide, think of how you want to leave this earth for your Grandkids. Maybe that will help.

Peace Be With You…

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Miss Bella

We are about to begin a new journey in the life of Bella, our 90lb Lab/Pyrenees mix dog that adopted us about 3 years ago. Bella has a undercoat that will not stop shedding and after getting her spring checkup, we asked the vet what we could do to help with this issue, plus when it reaches 80 degrees and above she pants like a freight train. She suggested taking her to our groomer for a comb out and blow dry. So we stopped by our Groomers, Trish to introduce her to Bella and see if she thought the same thing and she agreed. So we set up an appointment for Bella to go visit with Trish.

Bella loves to ride IN the truck..mind you not in the bed but in the back seat of the truck, with her head stuck into the front seat. She would gladly ride in the front seat if allowed or not…as she can be in the front in a flash..or as much as 90lb can do in a flash, heaven forbid you get in her way of her tail, which weighs about 20 lbs it feels like when whacked with…

What we failed to mention to Trish is…that she HATES water , she only likes to drink it, especially with ice cubes during the hot months. I almost feel guilty of this little tidbit of information being withheld. But I did mention she can be a handful. Trish just scoffed at that….so we were laughing this morning and thought a video camera would be a great thing to have in hand once Trish starts this process and we can’t even wait until she turns the hair dryer on her…This dog runs at the sight of spray can…

So as the time nears for her journey begins and she has no idea what is ahead for her as she playfully jumps into the back seat of the truck..we can only hope and pray for Trish. I will update this article once we complete this mission…which looms almost as big as a NASA mission in front of the unknown frontier….

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Spring time always brings weather of some sorts..storms mostly..This year it brought rain..and more rain. The word we used was flood and for good reason. The water kept coming and coming. We helped with the flood, donating time either tossing sandbags or organizing things that were brought in for the flood victims. About the third day of the continuing rains, you could read the faces of people that were in the waters path. They tried to keep a stiff upper lip and joke when possible, but you could also see the deep pain that they were suffering..losing everything as they and others struggled to save anything that they could. The rain stopped and the sun came out and then cleanup began. I think we will be feeling the affects of this a year from now or more.

A friend has encouraged me to write and told me to get off my duff and get about the business of doing just that. It is the year following my Mom being gone. Yes I do have a lot to be thankful for and will focus on that, but also struggle with the loss, mostly in silence unless I am whinning on my blog….:-)

So here is to Brenda…a bright star in the universe…


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Peace Be With You….

It has been awhile since I have attempted “Note to Self”..I can make several excuses, but the only one I keep coming back to is writer’s block, if I were a true writer I suppose I could use it, but I am a want to be of sorts. I have not written a column since My Mom passed away. I seem to get to this point and stop, so tonight I am attempting to get past this spot. I was such a Daddy’s girl, He passed away 4 years ago from colon cancer…but when my Mom passed away last July it was unexpected, she was 80, but a young 80. She had colon cancer surgery and it went down from there. Her body was worn out, I can honestly say this was the first time I had ever seen my Mom tired. Watching my Mom fade from this earth was hardest thing I have gone thru. Losing one parent is hard, but when I lost both I felt like I lost my safety net that I have always had. So when we are conducting a service of someone’s parent, the feeling washes over me all over again. They say it gets better with time, pretty sure I don’t agree…

We conducted the impressive services for Father Don Abell.  The attendance of the Bishop, all the Priest singing in Latin, 24 Knight of Columbus standing guard and 6 Knights acting as pallbearers should make this small community stand a little taller. I was only around Fr. Abell a few times before his illness took over his health. But to hear the stories from all of those he grew up around or taught made me understand why he was chosen to serve as a Priest. Father Steven is like a breath of fresh air in this community as well, I am just sure Father Don would approve of his contagious smile and his light but in charge walk. As my Mom used to say…We should count our lucky stars tonight for this community and it members.

Spring is trying to happen..if winter would just give up and go away until we need our yearly winter’s nap next fall that would be great. Flowers are sprouting all over the place, trees are budding out. Sure signs spring is once again headed our way. Actually saw a farmer in the field last week thought that was a bit early…we had one farmer in my home county that used to rush the seasons just to be first….he replanted a few times…J..We all seem to want to rush the seasons on their way and as I get older….I am not sure why.

Miss Bella survived the winter, her favorite season.  On any given day we can have 6 or so dog friends in the yard. Her favorite is Maggie and Lucy Bean. Maggie has some age on her and by the time she gets across the yard to me, I can just see her mind saying, just give me a treat so I can set and rest for a bit. I can relate to Maggie…  My Granddaughter, Ava James who is 4, just knows that she can ride on Bella’s back if Bella would just agree.  Bella knows to keep watch on Miss Ava when she is out and about. I looked out one day and Bella was leaning into Ava and Ava was just talking away and petting her…Ava want to be a Fairy or a Vet, she is just not quite sure which one.

As they said at Father Don’s funeral…Peace be with you….

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I am drawing a blank…which is very unusual for me to ever be blank with my voice or words created from a keyboard. I used to write a column for a on line newspaper…then my Mom passed away last summer and ever since then I have been blank in this ability called writing. I know I have it… as I go over thing in my head on a daily basis and tell myself I should put that in my column, but then I set down and the blank hits.

Just how does one get past blankness…?

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